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Lollipop lines

Specialists in Confectionery

Comprehensive solutions to produce and wrap your confections

We develop solutions for the confectionery industry with significant customer benefits and thereby support the growth, innovation and long-lasting success of our customers. In the process, we set standards with regard to technology, efficiency and reliability and are conscious of the need for an economical use of packaging materials and other resources.

Each of our machines is individually designed to meet your requirements with regard to output, pack design and efficient use of resources. Reliability, durability and comprehensive service make our machines a resilient link in your production chain.

Turnkey lines for the Confectionery Industry

Our turnkey lines guarantee your success

Fruit candy
Wrapped lollipops
Wrapped soft candy

Ball forming Lines

For gums, chewy candies, toffes, fruit pastes and similar masses

Ball forming lines

Cut & Wrap Lines

For gums, chewy candies, toffes, fruit pastes and similar masses

Cut&Wrap line
Multilane wrapper
Lollipop flow wrapper

Types of product

Ball lollipops

Complete lines to produce solid and center-fillled lollipops in Bunch, Twist wrap, 4-Side Seal, Flow-pack and Stickpack styles.


Complete lines to produce bubble and chewing gums, in ball, cylindrical and rectangular shapes.


Complete lines to produce chewy candies, toffees and fruit pastes in ball, cylindrical or rectangular shapes.

Bunch wrapped lollipops
Lollipop stickpack
Ball shaped chewing gum
Filled chewing gum
Colour chewing gum
Fruit pulp
Soft candy
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