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Carugil Pop Formers

Pop former forming machne lollipop
Ball lollipop

High performance die forming

The Carugil continuous die lollipop forming machines models CTC are engineered specifically for the production of solid and center-filled high quality ball and 3D lollipops, delivering high-capacity forming performance, along with durability and reliability. It’s precisely these uncompromised qualities that have earned Carugil their reputation for high performance forming and problem-free operation.


The Carugil PopFormers have been designed to withstand the rigors of high-output confectionery production. Since the Pop Former is at the heart of the lollipop processing line, our models have therefore been engineered with strength and durability as their main assets.

High quality 3D ball lollipops

Now it is possible to produce attractive 3D shape lollipops by simply replacing the forming punches in the die (less than one hour). Thus, with a quite low investment, you will be able to produce attractive 3D shapes such orange, strawberry, football ball, etc.

Lollipop 3D


  • High production. Up to 1800 pieces per minute, depending on the size and center-filling.

  • High quality ball, cylindrical and 3D ball lollipops Automatic cleaning and automatic greasing systems (Optional).

  • Automatic shut down system if the die is overloaded.

  • Easy adjustments during production (insertion of the stick and length of the candy).

  • Quick and easy change-over (less than one hour)

Technical Specifications

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