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Super Strong

Carugil Sigma Blade Mixers

mixer kneader

Mixing machines with sigma kneading blades

Our Double Sigma Arm Mixers have been engineered to deliver high-capacity mixing performance, along with the user-friendliness, reliability and durability world-class customers demand.

fruit paste
ball forming
ball forming


  • Intensive kneading of viscosity products.

  • Shorter processing times with high product quality.

  • Front and rear bowl seals prevent leaking and helps to maintain product quality. Seals made of high quality material.

  • Minimum processing capacity of the total container volume.

  • All machines in the Super Strong series have double-jacketed bowl for heating/cooling.

  • Discharge either by tilting of the bowl or by extruding screw.

Available options

  • Jacketed mixing bowl. Heavy duty stainless steel
    jackets for efficient dough temperature control lessens needs for maintenance and guarantees product is kept at the ideal temperature ensuring it’s quality.

  • Thermal insulation of the bowl, protected by stainless steel hermetically closed panels.

  • Carugil Sigma Mixers can also be supplied with a 
    Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as an option.

  • Specialized die heads / special extrusion spouts.

  • Automated operation of cover via hydraulic piston

Mixer with sigma kneading blade

Extrusion screw to discharge the product in a form or shape, or directly to the next phase of processing

Mixer with sigma kneading blade

The mixing bowl can be tilted up and forward through the use of a hydraulic system

Kneader with sigma kneading blade

Double Sigma arms made in Stainless Steel and polished

Technical Specifications

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