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Carugil Multilane Wrappers


Multilane packaging productivity

The Carugil Horizonal Form, Fill, Seal machines CWM-4S offer multilane packaging productivity, producing “4-Side Seal” style packs. Standard versions are available from 4 lanes up to 40 lanes.

The CWM 4-S wrapping machines have been specially designed to wrap all kinds of products advancing in parallel along continuous production lines.

The multilane principle combines high capacity with gentle handling of the product, offering maximum reliability because of the low operation speed of the lane. Thus, the multi-lane concept is the ideal solution for wrapping such products as Licorice, Wafers, Biscuits, Chocolate Bars, Dog Sticks, etc.

Multlane for licorice, bubble gum and soft candy
Multlane for licorice, bubble gum and soft candy
Multlane for licorice, bubble gum and soft candy


  • Products advancing in parallel such chewing gum, soft candy and fruit masses.

  • High production. Up to 4.000 pieces/min.

  • Up to 40 lanes in parallel.

  • Air-tight pouches. Perfect and even isolation of the product all along the 4 seals.

  • Portable. The machine is fitted with wheels, allowing for easy positioning to other end-line equipment.

  • The machine can be optionally equipped with a rotary knife for continuous products such licorice, fruit paste, etc.

  • Easy automatic cartoning after the sealing stage.


High capacity: up to 40 lanes in parallel


Optionally, a guillotine can be fited to the machine


Printing system for labelling individual packages (optional)

Technical Specifications

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