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Carugil labellers for lollipops

Labeller for lollipop - envolvedora con etiquetadora tipo bandera

Up to 800 flag-labels per minute

With the CFL labellers, Carugil redesigns the world of labelling, proposing a philosophy of labelers that match the needs of all types of producers, regardless the brand and capacity of their existing wrappers.

The CFL labelers are not only available as an option for Carugil wrappers, but can now be retrofitted to any bunch or double twist lollipop wrapper on the market. Thus, they become a universal solution for all those customers who need to label their lollipops but do not plan to buy a new wrapping machine.

CFL labeller attached to a CARUGIL bunch wrapper CWLB-600.

lollipop flag label - caramelo con etiqueta tipo bandera

Benefits of flag-labelling

•    Possibility to add a barcode
•    Add value to the product to easily distinguish it in the marketplace from the competition.
•    Stickers for collectors
•    Marketing actions
•    Insert a wide variety of tattoos related to annual celebrations related to important events  such as a world championship or annual celebrations such as Halloween, Velentine’s day, etc.

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