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Carugil Cooling tunnels

cooling tunnel

Cooling tunnel CTM-6000 C

(with integrated cooling unit)

ball forming
ball forming

High performance precision cooling

The Carugil cooling tunnels are designed for high-performance precision cooling of a wide range of  ball and cylindrical pieces, while retaining the original pieces´ shape and quality.

Their extra-large product tiers are designed to keep the pieces rolling continuously, thus avoiding deformation.

The optimized cooling air flow system allows for a high capacity of up to 1.000 Kg/h. It provides an even and gentle cooling and circulates cool air to quickly cool large quantities of ball formed hollow, filled and solid pieces, from forming temperature down to packaging temperature. 

ball forming
ball forming


  • Cooling capacity up to 1000 Kg/h

  • Suitable for ball, cylindrical and even flat (lentil shape) pieces

  • High quality pieces. Original shape of the product is retained during the cooling process

  • Total capacity can be extended (depending on the model)

  • Hygienic design

  • Remote troubleshooting available (depending on the model)

Different needs, different solutions

Because not every producer has the same needs, our equipment can be configured with different options to meet the required capacity. Besides, our cooling tunnels can be easily upgraded to high capacity to give a cost-effective solution to your increasing production needs.

Ambient or closed version, entry level or High Capacity configuration, gas cooling or chilling water system, inverter or on/off technology. Just  select the configuration that meets your needs best.

cooling tunnel

Cooling tunnel CTM-6000 (ambient air)

Technical Specifications

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