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Carugil Ball formers

Ball former CBF8000

High production with quick return of investment

The Carugil continuous Ball Formers have been designed for the production of cylindrical hollow, solid and center-filled products of bubble-gum, soft candies, toffees, fruit pastes and similar masses. The optimized design along with the strong performance lead to maximum efficiency combined with increased precision. Efficient production is not the only benefit: due to excellent userfriendliness and the ability to work with a wide range of different masses, the Carugil Ball Formers meet the highest production and quality demands.

With astonishing throughputs (up to 6.500 pieces per minute for the CBF-8000 model), our Ball Formers stand as one of the most profitable machines ever in the Confectionery, Food and Pharmaceutical sectors,  allowing for an incredibly quick Return On Investment.

ball forming
ball forming


  • High-quality forming of hollow, solid and center-filled balls and cylindrical products.

  • One or two sets (depending on the model) of 1.000 mm long forming rollers.

  • Servo-driven movements.

  • Completely customizable forming cycle.

  • Cutting system specially designed to avoid leakage when working with semi-liquid center-filled ropes.

  • Rotary servo-driven knife for a gentle and precise cut matching the speed of the rope.

  • Quick and easy change over (less than 10 mins.)

Configurable cycle

All the movements of the machine are driven by independent servo-motors, thus allowing all the parameters to be independently selected through the touch screen.

Both the spinning and the translation speeds of the rollers are wholly configurable throughout the forming process, thus guaranteeing the best conditions for each type of product, shape, size and center-filling percentage. The parameters can be stored/loaded in memory as recipes through the easy-to-handle touch screen.

High center-filling percentage

The customizable forming cycle along with a new sizing and cutting system specially designed for center-filling, allow to produce high center-filling content pieces, with +20% filling percentage (depending on the recipe and gum base).

If you want that eating your products become a new experience, then bolster your products with high percentage center filling. Your product will explode in the mouth!!! 

ball forming


The Ball Formers allow for a wide variety of different shapes, only subject to te conditions of being one rotary axis symmetrical shape (see examples below).

ball forming
ball forming
ball forming
ball forming

Double-sided ball former

Increase your production saving space and labour costs

The high speed of our double Ball Former CBF-8000 (which features 2 forming stages with 1.000 mm long rollers and runs at 80 meters per minute of rope) allows for such a high production that only ONE Carugil ball former CBF-8000 can replace up to SIX of your tradicional single ball formers, while producing much better quality products with higher center filling content.

ball forming

Technical Specifications

* For smaller or bigger diameters, consult Carugil

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