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Carugil Stickpack Multilane Wrappers

For Ball, 3D and Flat lollipops

Stickpack lollipop
3D lollipop. Flat lollipop
Stickpack lollipop

The best choice to stand out in the market place

Wrap your lollipops in a nice stickpack sytle while saving wrapping material compared to the traditional flow-pack style. Furthemore, give your product a distintive tinge and let the children get fun by dipping the lollipop into fizzy powder or pop rocks.

With a simple and compact design, the CSL series offers a free access without tools to main components, allows a fast and easy changeover and it is built up with high resistance and long durability components. All this helps to reduce downtimes and drives to an OEE over 95%.


  • 4 - 10 lanes.

  • High output, up to 480 lollipops per minute.

  • 100% efficiency. NO Product - NO Pouch (servo-motor)

  • Quick format change with few tools.

  • The sachet can contain powder/granulates for dipping the lollipop.

  • Systems for transfer to secondary packaging equipment.

Powder filling device

A special dosing volumetric filler can be optionally fitted in the machine allows dosing powder or granulates into the sachet for dipping the lollipops. This system has no friction and keeps the product properties intact.

Strings with tear pattern and notch

By adding a second piston for the horizontal cut, this solution allows to produce strings with tear pattern between each stick/sachet to ease its separation. Units per string are set through the digital counter of the HMI.

An optional module will hole punch at the end of the sachet, thus allowing the string to be hung on displays.

Stickpack lollipop powder filling
Stickpack lollipop strips
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