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Carugil Extruders

Extruder for bubble gum ball fomingCounter-rotating twin-screw extruders for bubble-gum, chewing gum, soft candy and toffee. The perfect partner for Carugil ball forming

The perfect partner to Carugil lines

Counter-rotating twin-screw extruders for processing food and confectionery masses. Reliability, flexibility and high throughput are the most important demands placed on a solution for the extrusion processes. The extruders CSTR not only achieve these goals but are the perferct partner to the Carugil ballformers and Cut & Wrap machines.


The comprehensive twin-screw extruder CARUGIL portfolio guarantees the solution that best feeds your processing needs.


Our extruders meet the needs of various product sectors by offering various solutions for your business:

  • Chewing and bubble gums

  • Soft candies

  • Toffees

  • cereal and protein bars

  • Fruit pastes



  • Heavy duty construction. Easy and safe operation.

  • All areas in contact with the product made in Stainless Steel.

  • Twin-screw infeed section with counter-rotating screws to provide a stable infeed, thus resulting in a constant massflow for the extruder.

  • Water jacketed extrusion barrel with electronic temperature control, which allows for an accurate and even temperature of the whole extrusion area.

  • Inverter controlled variable speed drive for the extrusion screws.


The CSTR extruders are ideally suited for the production of center-filled products. The high pressure stability of the screws provides a constant an even flow of the filling mass (bubble-gum, chewy candy, marzipan, etc). Also, additional fiilling devices can be attached to the extruding head for the production of semi-liquid filled products or flakes.

Powder and granulates

Gravimetric filling device for fillings in powder or granulate form. 


Filling device for viscous fillings such as syrup, chocolate, jam, gelatin and other similar products.

Seeds and flakes

Transportation screw system for such fillings as seeds (chia, sesame), inclusions of nuts, cereal flakes, etc.

Extruder for bubble gum powder filling
Extruder for bubble gum ball foming syrup center filling
Extruder for bubble gum ball foming seeds center filling

Multi-Extrusion with different colours

Two or more CSTR extruders can be easily combined to produce co-extruded products. A wide range of extruding heads and nozzles are available, thus allowing for a great variety of different combinations of colors, flavours and shapes. Besides, co-extruded products can be also  center-filled.

Extruder for bubble gum ball foming coextrusion
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