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Cut and Wrap Machine 

Continuous high-speed forming, 
cutting and wrapping machine for products in fold wrap, double-point end fold and pillow-pack styles

The Carugil CWCS-1000 sizes, shapes, cuts to length and wraps individual
pieces of chewing gum, bubble-gum, soft caramels, toffees and chewy  candies at speeds of up to 1000 pieces per minute. The CWCS-1000 is equipped with the very latest motion control technology. All movements in the machine are driven by separate servomotors, thus allowing for easy adjustment of all parameters through the touch screen.

Stickers or tattoos are also possible. The inner wrapper includes the stickers/tattoos and is registered to ensure that the cut is in the correct place.


Low inertia wrapping head which allows for variations of ±1 mm in the size of the piece

Touch screen for the adjustment of
parameters and control of the process

Aautomatic splicer for both the outer and inner reels to splice the wrapping material reels without standstill of the machine.

Three different styles

The innovative and revolutionary design of the CWCS-1000 allows the possibility of wrapping in three different styles on the same machine.

Fold wrap

Double point end fold

Pillow pack

Technical Specifications