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Cut and Wrap Machine 

Continuous high-speed forming, 
cutting and wrapping machine for products in fold wrap, double-point end fold and pillow-pack styles

The Carugil CWFC-1000 is a continuous-motion horizontal form, fill and seal (HFFS) machine for the flow-wrapping cylindrical and rectangular pieces at speeds up to 500 pieces per minute.

The machine is designed to have minimal maintenance
requirementes. Besides, a new design transport system is utilized, replacing the traditional chain feeding systems, therefore avoiding the need for greasing the hain and
contamining the product.

All the movements of the machine are driven by brushless servomotors and monitored by the latest generation
electronic controls that guarantee the optimum synchronization of the wrapping material at high speed.


Low inertia wrapping head which allows for variations of ±1 mm in the size of the piece

Touch screen for the adjustment of
parameters and control of the process

Aautomatic splicer for both the outer and inner reels to splice the wrapping material reels without standstill of the machine.

Three different styles

The innovative and revolutionary design of the CWCS-1000 allows the possibility of wrapping in three different styles on the same machine.

Fold wrap

Double point end fold

Pillow pack

Technical Specifications