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Carugil Ball Forming Lines

The cutting edge of ball forming technology

When it comes to ball forming technology, Carugil  is the complete and definitive partner to your business. 

Our forming lines have been designed to reach high production rates (up to 80 cycles per minute and 380.000 pieces/hour) with high levels of reliability and automation while gently handling liquid and powder center filled ropes. Smaller configurations are also available for medium and entry level producers as well. We offer turnkey lines to guarantee fast start-up and efficient performance of your complete system.

A world of possibilities

Our forming lines allow for processing a huge range of different masses into fancy and attractive shapes, hollow, solid or center-filled, in multiple colors with different flavors. 


      Fruit paste



   Chewy candy

     Hard candy



Our production lines

Regardless the chosen configuration, our Ball Forming lines stand as one of the most profitable lines in the Food and Confectionery Industries. The low investment required compared to other lines, the reduced labor space requirements and their efficiency, allow for an incredibly quick Return On Investment.



Mixer Super Strong

Extrusora bolas.png

Extruder CSTR


Ball former CBM

Tunel CTM6000.png

Cooling tunnel CTM

Flowpack bolas.png

FLow wrapper CWFB

Turbinas CTG100.png

Coating pan CTG